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Commercial VCT Wax

The team at Angel Touch provides customized vinyl composition tile cleaning for your commercial property.  We have the ability to handle your large projects in both new and existing sites.  These services are available seven days a week anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Our VCT cleaning service may include any of the following tasks depending on your specific requests.  Contact us today for your free bid!

Bullet  New construction wax and buffing.
Bullet  Existing VCT strip and wax.
Bullet  Commercial floor sealant.
Bullet  Commercial floor scrubbing.
Bullet  High-speed buffing.

“Very professional and they made sure everything was done correctly before leaving.”Lydia

Cleaning products that are good for your home and the earth! One of the many reasons we are proud to use Boulder Clean products. ⠀
Our team uses Boulder Clean products as well as biodegradable trash bags produced from recycled plastic. We recycle or reuse all paper, plastics, aluminum, cardboard, glass and steel products. All of our reusable microfiber towels and cleaning cloths are washed using high-efficiency front load washers and dryers. ⠀
At Angel Touch you know you are truly getting an effective + green service. For more information about our green cleaning services visit our website via the link in our bio or call 303-400-4309.
Looking for peace? A great place to start is with a clean space and we can help you achieve it with our professional cleaning services. ⠀
The benefits of hiring a professional cleaning technician are endless and a great way to cultivate peace in your commercial or small business. We offer tailored janitorial services for commercial or small business offices, retail stores, apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels, daycares and schools and where in the beautiful state of Colorado. Other benefits of having a professionally cleaned space are: ⠀
🔹Clean areas are connected to increased employee productivity.⠀
🔹Clean spaces create a safer, healthier work environment aka fewer sick days.⠀
🔹Clean offices aid in maintaining a positive, professional appearance for your business.⠀
🔹A clean working area is a proven morale booster.⠀
🔹Regular cleaning provides long term cost savings - things last longer when you take better care of them.⠀
Contact us at 303-400-4309 or visit the link in bio for your free, no pressure bid and sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of having your space professionally cleaned.
To keep your carpet looking and performing at its best, The Carpet and Rug Institute (a recommends having your carpet professionally deep-cleaned every 12 to 18 months. We are here for all of your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs.  Carpet cleaning services are available anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado. We can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs. We offer spot or stain cleaning, portable or truck-mounted steam cleaning.  Contact us today 303-400-4309 or visit our website via the link in bio for your free, no pressure bid. ⠀
*The Carpet and Rug Institute is a non-profit committed to serving the carpet industry and public by providing facts that help people make informed choices. Its best practices promote a balance between social, economic and environmental responsibility for the long term.
We are a family-owned professional cleaning company that has been an industry leader in Colorado for over 20 years. As fellow small business owners we are passionate about supporting other small businesses, we have an astute understanding of your needs as a small business and will do whatever we can to support you and your cleaning needs. For more information on how Angel Touch can support you visit the link in bio or call 303-400-4309.
Plants make everything better and the benefits of having plants in your space are endless! Studies have shown that indoor plants can⠀
🌵boost mood⠀
🌵concentration ⠀
🌵reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds. ⠀
🌵Add add life to a sterile office⠀
🌵Give privacy ⠀
🌵Reduce noise levels ⠀
Shoutout to @hellomissmay for the great "Impossible to Kill Plants" quick reference!
We get the job done! Maintaining your space with the highest level of cleanliness and safety is extremely important to us. This is why we use Clean Republic and Boulder Clean products.⠀
We are always on the lookout for awesome and safe EPA approved products. ⠀
When we were looking for a disinfectant that was effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, Norovirus, Rhinovirus, and more we vetted several products and didn't settle until we came across the best option: Clean Republic. We did the same thing when sourcing out everyday products to use in our green cleaning services - Boulder Clean was the final decision as they are local, awesome and safe. ⠀
When you choose to work with us you can confidently know you are getting the best service and products for you, your loved ones and the environment.⠀
For more information about our green cleaning services visit the link in our bio or call 303-400-4309.
If you have been following us for a while then you might know that we are really into nontoxic cleaning solutions AND we love the power of lemons! We had to share this post from @biomestores that highlights so many amazing things you can do with lemon. ⠀
“Limescale & calcium build up, microwaves, ovens and dishwashers (and more). Clean them all with two simple ingredients: lemons and water! ⠀
🍋 Limescale - Cut a lemon in half and rub over shower screens or where there is limescale. Leave for 30 minutes before washing or wiping off.⁠⠀
🍋 Microwave - In a glass jug or bowl, combine 1 cup of water and a lemon that has been cut in half. Run the microwave for four minutes, then wait one minute before opening the door. Remove the jug and wipe over the inside of the microwave with a cloth.⁠⠀
🍋 Oven - Fill a large oven proof dish with water and add a lemon that has been cut in half. ‘Bake’ for 30-45 minutes at 200 degrees celsius. Allow the oven to cool without opening the door. Once the oven is cool, wipe over the inside of the oven with a cloth.⁠⠀
🍋 Dishwasher - Place a lemon that has been cut in half in the cutlery compartment of an otherwise empty dishwasher. Run the dishwasher. At the end of the cycle, wipe over the inside of the dishwasher and clean out the filters.⁠”⠀
They’ve got a whole bunch of cool products and simple cleaning tips on their page so make sure you check them out!
Studies have shown that humans spend up to two years of their lives cleaning! Two years!?! Imagine the endless list of better things you could do with that time. The solution for spending literal years cleaning? Outsource it! We offer commercial cleaning services so you can get back to living your life. Our services included (but are not limited to) Janitorial services, carpet cleaning, high dustings, construction site clean up, electrostatic disinfectant services and more. To take you time back and to get a free no pressure quote if visit our website via the link in bio or call 303-400-4309.