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Carpet Cleaning

Angel Touch offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.  Carpet cleaning services are available anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Angel Touch can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs.  We offer spot or stain cleaning, portable or truck-mounted steam cleaning.  Contact us today for your free bid!

“Just wanted to let you know that the two ladies did such a wonderful job, they were so nice and friendly, we are very happy with the service!  We look forward to continuing doing business with you – thanks again.” Val

Our carpet cleaning services may include any of the following tasks depending on your specific requests.

Bullet  Heated pre-treatment, pre-clean agitation, deep clean extraction and post cleaning grooming.
Bullet  Upholstery cleaning.
Bullet  Pet odor or stain removal.
Bullet  Tile and grout cleaning.

Instagram post 2198904645527463948_1628197054 A great way to be kind to the planet and future generations is to be cognizant of the products you use when washing. Dishes, clothing and yourself. One of the biggest problems with many dishwashing detergents is that they contain phosphate. Even though it's a naturally occurring substance, too much phosphate that gets into waterways will cause algal bloom. Phytoplankton and algae love to feed on it, which causes a massive reproduction. That’s why we love this Low Waste Dishwashing post from @plantedinthewoods and this dish washing block from @helenmilanhome - it’s vegan, plastic bottle free, contains no palm oil, SLS, phosphates or fragrances, it’s also biodegradable AND it works really well. It’s a small chance that can make a big impact.
Instagram post 2197454096734402261_1628197054 DUST! It’s everywhere. ⠀
Dust includes tiny particles of debris and dead skin. Its small size means it can be inhaled and potentially evoke an immune reaction. Dust can also serve as a “fomite”, potentially carrying viruses and possibly passing on infections.⠀
Household dust is mostly made up of human skin, microscopic creatures and dead bugs. This may make your skin crawl, but doesn’t offer significant health risks for most people. However, other forms of dust can be harmful. Tiny particles of sand, wood and asbestos can contribute to lung disease. ⠀
Repeated, long-term exposure to high levels of dust of any form can harm your health. ⠀
When buying new items they are often covered in flame retardants, these are added to household and consumer products. It has been discovered that, in indoor environments, dust is a major contributor to human exposure to these flame retardants. A great way to get ahead of dust causing an issue in your home or commercial space is with regular high dusting.⠀ .⠀
At Angel Touch Cleaning we provide a unique and non-invasive high dusting service for your residential or commercial space. Our customized service is ideal for all high-ceiling features in your restaurant, gas station, gym, office building foyer, warehouse, retail space, industrial modern office, apartment common space, school or hotel. ⠀
High dusting offers; the ability to reach 40′ beams, ledges, lights and i-beams, with no heavy equipment used, movement of furniture is not required, no dust is airborne, and HEPA air purification technology and is available in the following states;  AR, AZ, CA, CO, IL, IA, KS, MN, MO, ND, NE, NV, NM, OK, SD, UT and WY. ⠀
For more info call 303-400-4309 or visit our website (link in bio)!⠀
Also, it is advised to wash everything you bring into your home even furniture and accessories to minimize your exposure to flame retardants, we recommended using boulder clean products to wipe down you new items and always wash new clothes before wearing.
Instagram post 2196727302570594650_1628197054 Hosting a lot of people in your space this holiday season? Consider scheduling a pre or post party (or both) professional carpet cleaning It’s a great way to spruce up your space and relieve some of the stress of hosting. We offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning services are available anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado. We can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs. We offer spot or stain cleaning, portable or truck-mounted steam cleaning. To make your party hosting life a little easier contact us at 303-400-4309 or visit our website (link in bio) for your free, no pressure bid!
Instagram post 2195182617614202740_1628197054 Love this “Reduce your Waste” drawing from @plantedinthewoods - reposted from @thesubpod - It can be overwhelming trying to reduce our waste but if you start with one thing and then slowly incorporate more before you know it everything becomes habit. Our favorite ways of reducing waste are ⠀
🛍second hand shopping⠀
👜reusable bags ⠀
🍲storing food without plastic⠀
What are some of your favorite ways of reducing your waste?
Instagram post 2193741789608692139_1628197054 If we value future generations, then now, more than ever, it is time to take action! AND you are never too small to make a difference. If you want to do more about climate change @350colorado is a great place to start. They are working locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future. On their site you can find local meet ups and other events to get involved.
Instagram post 2192382988363517019_1628197054 🎶 I'm dreaming of a clean + eco friendly Christmas! Do you have a neat freak in your life who you are searching for the perfect gift for? How about a gift basket of Boulder Clean products and eco-friendly cleaning tools + a Gift Certificate to Angel Touch cleaning! For more info on our gift certificates visit our website.
Instagram post 2191653421404500869_1628197054 Happy clients + happy environment. These are always our main goals. “The previous company we used for our large office and warehouse space was a constant headache. I filled out a form on Angel Touch’s website for a free bid, and got an immediate response from their team. I met with Corey the same day and did a walk through of our space and we discussed my company’s wants and needs.”

If you need professional cleaning services look no further. We got you. For more info visit the link in bio or call 303-400-4309 for your free, no pressure bid.