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Construction Cleaning

The team at Angel Touch provides customized construction cleaning services in each of the following categories.  These services are available anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado.   We can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs.  Contact us today for your free bid!

Bullet  Commercial Construction Cleaning
Bullet  High Dust Cleaning
Bullet  Post-Demolition Cleaning
Bullet  Post-Renovation Cleaning

“Thanks for re-doing the windows. They look great. Your crew was wonderful, very respectful, very considerate of our grandson sleeping. We appreciate it very much.”Diane

Each of these construction cleaning services may include any of the following tasks depending on your specific requests.

Bullet  All ladders, scaffolding, lifts and specialty equipment required.
Bullet  Clean sills and all components of windows, storefronts, and door glazing.
Bullet  Clean millwork countertops, cabinets, shelving and drawers inside and out.
Bullet  Wipe down interior and exterior doors and door frames.
Bullet  Proper personal protective equipment provided and worn at all times.
Bullet  Clean rubber and wood flooring and wall base per manufacturer’s recommendations.
Bullet  Wipe down wood paneling and trim to be free of dirt, dust, tape residue and fingerprints.
Bullet  Cleaning of exposed interior hard surfaces to be free of dust, grease, stains, films and fingerprints.
Bullet  Clean interior and exterior handrails.
Bullet  Clean interior and exterior glass and frames for all openings.
Bullet  Wipe down door hardware including removal of plastic.
Bullet  Wipe down and dust exposed mechanical and electrical equipment.
Bullet  Clean faceplates, outlets, switches and receptacle covers.
Bullet  Wipe down piping, ductwork, supports, access panels, cleanout covers, floor drains and sinks.
Bullet  Clean elevators inside and out, including frames, doors, lights and fixtures.

Instagram post 2180061693560177216_1628197054 It’s Holiday party time! This time of year is a great time to express thanks to your employees and community by throwing holiday parties BUT cleaning up before or after can add extra stress to an already stressful time of year. Plan ahead and book a pre or post party cleaning with Angel Touch because the last thing you want to do after your awesome office party is come in and clean up the next day. For more info visit the link in bio or call 303-400-4309 for your free, no pressure bid!
Instagram post 2179336774022917175_1628197054 The holidays are quickly approaching and for many of us that means decorating our homes and/or offices. Decorations are so much fun but are often made of not-so-friendly plastic products. Many decorations are meant to represent something natural: A fake Christmas tree, a plastic wreath, a plastic platter of nibbles on the table. We can make zero waste products for the holidays by using a potted real Christmas Tree and then planting it after the holiday, making a homemade wreath out of pine branches and pine cones, and putting out holiday snacks on a wooden platter. Cutting back on fake-nature decorations this holiday season is a great way to spread some holiday joy to Mother Earth.
Instagram post 2178944123774565104_1628197054 The dream team! @Boulderclean x Angel Touch Cleaning - we make it shine so you can too (and use earth friendly cleaning products while doing so). ⠀
We offer customized eco-friendly cleaning services for our clients. If you're interested in a cleaning company that uses safer products to clean your space then reach out for a free bid.
Instagram post 2177162376497897366_1628197054 Vaulted and exposed ceilings are so dreamy, but do you know what’s not dreamy? Dusting those ceilings. If you’re losing sleep over your high dusting needs then we have just the thing for you. Our customized high dusting service is ideal for all high-ceiling features in your restaurant, gas station, gym, office building foyer, warehouse, retail space, industrial modern office, apartment common space, school or hotel. If your space is in need of high dusting service visit the link in bio or give us a call at 303-400-4309.⠀
High dusting offers; the ability to reach 40′ beams, ledges, lights and i-beams, with no heavy equipment used, movement of furniture is not required, no dust is airborne, and HEPA air purification technology.
Instagram post 2174897476380943792_1628197054 Happy Veterans Day to all who have served. Thank you for your service.
Instagram post 2174263403766200340_1628197054 @Boulderclean never ceases to amaze + inspire us. ⠀
One of their recent posts highlighted the fact that you can use Boulder Clean dish soap to clean your makeup brushes (and of course to do your dishes). ⠀
Their cleaning products are impressively powerful + plant-based so you can feel good about using them in your home, around yourself and family. ⠀
Boulder Clean products are made with EPA Safer Choice certified ingredients, for cleaning solutions that include everything you need and nothing you don’t.⠀
We are proud to offer customized eco-friendly cleaning services for our clients with Boulder Clean Products. If you're interested in a cleaning company that uses safe products to clean your space then reach out for a free bid today. Also, you can pick up Boulder Clean products for your home today at most @mykingsoopers + @Wholefoods as well as on the internet.
Instagram post 2173538649836902054_1628197054 This image perfectly encapsulates what we’re about and what we offer at Angle Touch Cleaning. ⠀
Our values are rooted in being kind to the earth and providing excellent and custom services to all of our clients. It is imperative to us that you get a service that is right for you and that truly love. We can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs and we offer services ranging from non-invasive high dusting to window cleaning to carpet cleaning and more. We also do quality check ins with our clients to ensure everyone is getting their needs met. ⠀
For more information on how we can give you the exact cleaning service you’re looking for contact us at 303-400-4309 or visit the link in our bio for your free, no pressure bid.