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Day Porter

The team at Angel Touch provides customized day porter services for your commercial property.  Day porters are accustomed to working in busy, high traffic areas and are familiar with all kinds of cleaning and trash removal, as well as minor repairs and painting.  These services are available seven days a week anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado. Angel Touch can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs.  Our day porter service may include any of the following tasks depending on your specific requests.  Contact us today for your free bid!

“You guys totally helped us save our floors in a big way. The floor specialist looked at our floors and said without a doubt they need to be replaced. It would have cost thousands of dollars.” –Jana

Bullet Emptying, wiping down, and relining waste containers.
Bullet Dusting and cleaning up of spills.
Bullet Cleaning and maintaining restrooms.
Bullet Removal of litter from the daily traffic of employees, visitors, and clients who utilize the facility.
Bullet Picking up of trash by hand and disinfecting when necessary.
Bullet Cleaning and tidying newspaper, magazine, and information stands.
Bullet Window washing.
Bullet Painting walls and trim.

Instagram post 2177162376497897366_1628197054 Vaulted and exposed ceilings are so dreamy, but do you know what’s not dreamy? Dusting those ceilings. If you’re losing sleep over your high dusting needs then we have just the thing for you. Our customized high dusting service is ideal for all high-ceiling features in your restaurant, gas station, gym, office building foyer, warehouse, retail space, industrial modern office, apartment common space, school or hotel. If your space is in need of high dusting service visit the link in bio or give us a call at 303-400-4309.⠀
High dusting offers; the ability to reach 40′ beams, ledges, lights and i-beams, with no heavy equipment used, movement of furniture is not required, no dust is airborne, and HEPA air purification technology.
Instagram post 2174897476380943792_1628197054 Happy Veterans Day to all who have served. Thank you for your service.
Instagram post 2174263403766200340_1628197054 @Boulderclean never ceases to amaze + inspire us. ⠀
One of their recent posts highlighted the fact that you can use Boulder Clean dish soap to clean your makeup brushes (and of course to do your dishes). ⠀
Their cleaning products are impressively powerful + plant-based so you can feel good about using them in your home, around yourself and family. ⠀
Boulder Clean products are made with EPA Safer Choice certified ingredients, for cleaning solutions that include everything you need and nothing you don’t.⠀
We are proud to offer customized eco-friendly cleaning services for our clients with Boulder Clean Products. If you're interested in a cleaning company that uses safe products to clean your space then reach out for a free bid today. Also, you can pick up Boulder Clean products for your home today at most @mykingsoopers + @Wholefoods as well as on the internet.
Instagram post 2173538649836902054_1628197054 This image perfectly encapsulates what we’re about and what we offer at Angle Touch Cleaning. ⠀
Our values are rooted in being kind to the earth and providing excellent and custom services to all of our clients. It is imperative to us that you get a service that is right for you and that truly love. We can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs and we offer services ranging from non-invasive high dusting to window cleaning to carpet cleaning and more. We also do quality check ins with our clients to ensure everyone is getting their needs met. ⠀
For more information on how we can give you the exact cleaning service you’re looking for contact us at 303-400-4309 or visit the link in our bio for your free, no pressure bid.
Instagram post 2172093482168284595_1628197054 It happens all the time. You are folding your laundry, matching socks and then all of a sudden there is a solo sock! It’s mate is nowhere to be found- it’s distressing to say the least but you have to move on with your day/life and finish folding this dang laundry so you toss it in your solo sock stash spot and hope and pray that the other one finds its way back. Weeks and months pass and the other sock never turns up.  So what do you do? Sometimes it just hurts too much to look at it and all you want to do is throw it away. But WAIT! That sock can still have a full life and serve a purpose! Cleaning is that purpose. Abandoned socks don’t have to end up in the dumpster, they are excellent for dusting, especially tricky things like blinds. So next time your socks loses its mate, don’t fret, just add it to your rag stash and rest easy knowing your sock will continue to have a purpose.
Instagram post 2171368207072241752_1628197054 The Giving Season is upon us! A great way to give back is to donate money, time or items. If you’d like more into on how to get involved this giving season here are some great organizations; ⠀
🦃 Operation Turkey- they want to make sure that no one goes hungry on Thanksgiving Day- they have been around for 19 years and last year gave out 60,000 meals on Thanksgiving Day, their goal is 75,000 meals this year for more info visit their site and if you know a family who needs a meal on Thanksgiving Day you can request one on their website. @operationturkeysa⠀
😇@denverrescuemission  works year round to support the Denver community in-need. This holiday season, you can help out by donating critical winter items like coats, gloves and hats. They also accept help in their kitchens year-round and are always in need of men’s work clothing, new socks and underwear.⠀
🎁A Precious Child aims to provide underprivileged children with all the support and resources they need to empower their futures. The Precious Gift program collects donations of new toys, gifts and gift cards for the age range of infants through teenagers. Families who then shop the Resource Center of A Precious Child can then pick from these donated gifts. The need for gifts dramatically spikes during the holiday season, so they need all the help that they can get. You can donate, host your own drive, volunteer, be a sponsor and much more. For more info visit their website. @a_precious_child
Instagram post 2169099757857978956_1628197054 Daylight savings time ends today! Forms of daylight savings have been observed by civilizations for hundreds of years. Ancient civilizations adjusted daily schedules to the sun more flexibly than our current version of DST does, often dividing daylight into 12 hours regardless of daytime, so that each daylight hour became progressively longer during spring and shorter during autumn. ⠀
This time of year when it’s dark and cold many of us spend more time indoors and it is a great time to have your space cleaned. If you’re interested in professional cleaning services from Angel Touch visit the link in bio or call 303-400-4309 for your free, no pressure bid and we hope everyone enjoys the extra hour!
Instagram post 2168435091938888675_1628197054 Say hello to our Employee Spotlight, Melanie! The thing she enjoys most about her role as one of Angel Touch’s cleaning technicians is the quality of life she can bring to others and herself through creating clean spaces. When she's not making it shine with Angel Touch she is spending time with her two beautiful children and exploring her love of art. Thank you for all your hard work Melanie, we couldn’t imagine Angel Touch without you. ⠀
We have a devoted team of professional cleaning technicians. With Angel Touch you are always getting skilled people that you can trust. We only hire the best so that you can feel confident knowing your space is in great hands.