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Equipment Rental

Angel Touch provides large floor cleaning equipment for rent with terms that meet your needs. Our complete descriptive list of available equipment listed below is routinely serviced and cleaned.  You can easily browse, view pricing, order and pay for your rental equipment on our Ruckify store.

They cleaned my place in LOHI Denver and had an exceptional experience. They were prompt and detailed in the service and the cleaning and are now my GO TO resource. I would highly recommend! – Patrick

Landa Hot Power Washer – Our electric or diesel powered hot water power washer provides a simple and affordable option for cleaning deep stains on most surfaces. This machine is easy to use, portable and powerful, delivering up to 1000 PSI.


Landa 2

Port-a-Scrub 12 by Minuteman – This 12 inch highly portable scrubber is super light, with rotating cylindrical brushes ideal for reaching smaller spaces and cleaning up against walls. There are four settings for brush wear and brush height.

MinuteMan PortaScrub

Nobles (Cylindrical Brushes) Walk-Behind Auto-Scrubber – This machine is ideal for industrial use. Our machine comes with a cylindrical brush and it quiet enough to be used during regular business house, while using only minimal amounts of water.

Nobles 2

Prospector Carpet and Hard Surface Extractor – The PE1200 extractor offers up to 1200 PSI for maximum power for all your tough hard surface cleaning needs. It also is safe on carpet and upholstery, as well as tile and concrete with a built-in 12 gallon tank for efficient cleaning.


Tennant 5700 Walk Behind Auto-Scrubber – 32″ Width – Our Tennant scrubber will remove stubborn build-up of dirt, grime, oils and grease. Your floors will be clean, safe and dry within minutes. With down pressure that is fully adjustable up to 300 lbs. and brush speeds of up to 750 rpm, one pass cleaning can quickly maintain even your most high-traffic areas.