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Restaurant Cleaning

Angel Touch provides tailored restaurant cleaning services anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado.  We can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs.  Our restaurant cleaning services may include any of the following tasks depending on your specific requests.  Contact us today for your free bid!

  • Cleaning kitchens including sinks, cooktops, ovens, countertops, microwaves and refrigerators.
  • Floor VCT strip and wax.
  • Vacuuming carpets and mopping wood, tile, and linoleum floors.
  • Dusting furniture, door frames, blinds, mirrors and picture frames.
  • Cleaning heating and air conditioning vents.
  • Sanitizing telephones, doorknobs and handrails.
  • Cleaning baseboards and light fixtures.
  • Washing windows.
  • Cleaning kitchens including sinks, cooktops, ovens, countertops, microwaves and refrigerators.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms.
  • Removing trash.

Very thorough and professional. Give Angel Touch an opportunity and you will be happy! -Ben

Our creed; from our company culture and sustainable practices to giving back, we truly believe in contributing to our community and protecting the planet. We feel fortunate that there are so many amazing and accessible ways to give back and are proud to support the Denver Rescue Mission, the Children’s Hospital Colorado, The Alliance Center and 350 Colorado which is part of the grassroots 350org movement to solve the climate crisis. We are also extremely proud to announce that we are officially a @BestForColorado company. We are committed to making a difference in the world, one that benefits our communities and earth’s natural systems in the face of climate change. Interested in how you can help out? Visit any one of these amazing and world changing organizations websites to learn more. Together we can make small and big changes for a better future. ⠀
You can do it all but why would you want to? For all your cleaning needs we are here. ⠀
We offer⠀
🌱 Restaurant Cleaning⠀
🌱 Warehouse Cleaning⠀
🌱 Window Cleaning⠀
🌱 Power Washing ⠀
🌱 Janitorial Services⠀
🌱 High Dusting⠀
🌱 Green Cleaning Products and Services⠀
🌱 Equipment Rental⠀
🌱 Day Porter⠀
🌱 COVID 19 Disinfectant Services⠀
🌱 Electrostatic Disinfectant Services⠀
🌱 Carpet Cleaning and more⠀
For more info on all of our services visit our website (link in bio).
We’d like to extend a big thank you to our cleaning technician team and all janitorial service providers in general. These humans have always worked exceptionally hard and somehow they have stepped up to work even harder in the last year and a half as we have faced this pandemic. The humans keep our spaces safe and clean, they go above and beyond and are smiling while they do it. We are so grateful to you all.
One of the easiest places for dirt to hide is in carpet fibers! Carpets also often show wear n’ tear and dirt more prominently and are harder to self clean than other types of flooring. Getting them professionally cleaned is an amazing way to reduce dirt and make your carpets look fresh and new. We are here for all your carpet cleaning needs, with fast, effective, and eco-friendly carpet cleaning services.⠀
For more info on our carpet cleaning services contact us at 303-400-4309 or visit our website via the link in our bio for your free, no pressure bid!
We are proud to offer✌️ (two) distinct disinfectant services to keep your space COVID safe + ridiculously clean.⠀
1️⃣ Our Disinfectant Cleaning Service: ⠀
This service will focus specifically on wiping down high touch areas with our Clean Republic disinfectant product. This process includes disinfecting counters, sinks, handles, door knobs, keyboards and light switches. This process is an extremely effective guard against the transmission of viruses and bacteria.⠀
2️⃣ Our Electrostatic Disinfectant Service:⠀
Electrostatic disinfectant service is a process that utilizes a sprayer that disperses a fine mist of our Clean Republic disinfectant product that lands on all surfaces including all high touch areas, keyboards, phones and other desk equipment. This efficient process provides for complete coverage and prolonged dwell times, well over ten minutes, allowing the product the time it needs to effectively kill the virus, bacteria or fungus.⠀
These services are available anywhere in the state of Colorado, we can provide a customized mix of services and cleaning products to fit your specialized needs. Please visit our website (link in bio) and/or contact us at 303-400-4309 to learn more about these services and to get your free, no pressure bid. ⠀