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Green Cleaning Products

Boulder CleanGreen cleaning is an approach to cleaning that protects the health of people without harming the environment.  Being green is about being earth-friendly but most importantly being green is about people. It involves factors such as safety, longevity, quality of life, health and wellness, increased return on investment and improved performance.  We are also well-equipped to provide cleaning services for your LEED registered and certified projects and have successfully completed this service for other customers.  Our team uses biodegradable trash bags produced from recycled plastic.  We recycle or reuse all paper, plastics, aluminum, cardboard, glass and steel products.  All of our reusable microfiber towels and cleaning cloths are washed using high-efficiency front load washers and dryers.  The team at Angel Touch is proud to be environmentally friendly and we hope you are too!

“The previous company we used for our large office and warehouse space was a constant headache. I filled out a form on Angel Touch’s website for a free bid, and got an immediate response from their team. I met with Corey the same day and did a walk through of our space and we discussed my company’s wants and needs.”-Maggie

Instagram post 2156838956746260964_1628197054 Cleaning probably isn't fun for you but it's fun for us! Let us take one of the un-fun things off your plate. If you're interested in how we can help you make your life a little more fun reach out for a free, no pressure bid today by visiting the link in bio or contacting us at 303-400-4309
Instagram post 2156113735368982016_1628197054 We choose to work with products that are eco friendly and that provide quality results, so for us the natural option is @boulderclean - Their products are safe and non toxic so you can feel comfortable having them in your home and using them around kids + pets. To find out how Angel Touch + Boulder Clean can help you with your eco-friendly cleaning needs reach out! AND if you're interested in picking up some Boulder Clean products for your home they are available online and at many @myKingSoopers + @WholeFoods in Colorado. Quality + eco friendly matters!
Instagram post 2151759168859951141_1628197054 For many of us this time of year can bring on some truly heinous allergies. You can get a step ahead of seasonal fall allergies with a pre-emptive deep dust clearing/cleaning of your space. Dust is lurking everywhere and only exacerbates allergy symptoms. To combat this we recommend a combination of professional high dusting and carpet cleaning services. For more information on how a high dusting/carpet cleaning combo can help keep your space allergy friendly visit the link in bio or call us at 303-400-4309 for your free, no pressure bid. ⠀
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Instagram post 2151040472821467205_1628197054 A great gift for someone is the gift of clean! Our gift certificates are wrapped in a special package and mail delivered free of charge to that special someone. They can be used towards any of our services. Truly a perfect gift for almost anyone. For more info visit link in bio and go to the "Gift Certificate" tab.
Instagram post 2149591078477823568_1628197054 Happy  National Child Health Day and in honor of that we’d like to send and extra special shout out to one of our favorite organizations that promotes the health of children everyday: @childrenscolo⠀
Each child deserves to be the healthiest they can be and Children's Hospital Colo is a truly magical place that is committed to the health and recovery of children afflicted by various health issues. ⠀
They can always use more volunteers and there is truly no better way to give back to the community. There are many ways to get involved, just visit the Children's Hospital Colorado Volunteer webpage and you can start making a difference today. We are proud to support Children's Hospital Colorado, it is truly an extraordinary place, with a goal we can all get behind: to eradicate childhood disease.
Instagram post 2148141309517189161_1628197054 Reasons to get your carpet professionally cleaned:⠀
▪️Extends carpet life⠀
▪️Eliminates stains + odors⠀
▪️Removes dirt + allergens⠀
▪️Clean carpet = professional appearance⠀
▪️Inexpensive way to spruce up your space⠀
We could go on but we’ll stop there… for now;) If you’d like more info on our professional carpet cleaning services visit the link in bio or call 303-400-4309 for your free, no pressure bid!