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Green Cleaning Products

Boulder Clean

Green cleaning is an approach to cleaning that protects the health of people without harming the environment.  Being green is about being earth-friendly but most importantly being green is about people. It involves factors such as safety, longevity, quality of life, health and wellness, increased return on investment and improved performance. We are also well-equipped to provide cleaning services for your LEED registered and certified projects and have successfully completed this service for other customers. We proudly use Boulder Clean green products, a local company out of Boulder, CO. They produce a natural and plant-based all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, dish soap and foaming bathroom cleanser with light and soothing fragrances. These high-performance products are listed on the EPA’s Safer Choice program and are the better choice for our planet.

In addition to Boulder Clean, we have partnered with Clean Republic, which produces a natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly disinfectant. Their disinfectant is made with hypochlorous acid, which is a compound found in the human body that also kills dangerous microorganisms outside of the body. Our team uses biodegradable trash bags produced from recycled plastic. We recycle or reuse all paper, plastics, aluminum, cardboard, glass and steel products.  All of our reusable microfiber towels and cleaning cloths are washed using high-efficiency front load washers and dryers.  The team at Angel Touch is proud to be environmentally friendly and we hope you are too!

Angel Touch is a great company to work with. They worked with our limited time restraint, and other accommodations requested. The staff was always making sure we were satisfied with the work and would make sure we were satisfied with the service before they left. I highly recommend Angel Touch. – Karen

We really appreciate this drawing with tips and tricks on reducing waste without spending any money from @shopwithgoodintent this is such a great place to start making an impact. Other great ways to make an impact are by looking into local and national organizations who are working to make the world a better place. Personally we love:⠀
🌵 @thealliancecenter - a local to Denver non-profit that is dedicated to bringing people together to create a more sustainable and equitable future⠀
@350colorado or @350org - They are spearheading local + national movements working to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future.⠀
There are so many awesome ways to get involved from hang drying clothes to volunteering!
No matter what your cleaning needs entail we've got you covered. We are often a one-stop-shop for our clients offering everything from Electrostatic Disinfectant to janitorial services to high dusting and more. For more information on how we can help you be prepared to safely serve your customers visit the link in our bio or call 303-400-4309.
Happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for our community and to be able to offer our services as a small business. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of delicious food and good times.
Traditional band aids can be bad for your skin and for the environment. Which is why we were so excited to discover these @patchstrips bandages. ⠀
💚  They are made from organic and sustainable sources, including natural bamboo fiber, making them hypoallergenic and breathable. ⠀
💚  They were created by James Dutton for his sensitive son who was reacting to the common bandaid. ⠀
💚  AND they are 100% compostable/biodegradable. ⠀
💚  There are different varieties to choose from, depending on your needs - aloe, coconut oil, and activated charcoal. ⠀
🌎 💚 🌎 ⠀
Better for you, better for the planet!
While you're preparing to take on the day in your business we are working hard behind the scenes to keep your space clean. We provide tailored janitorial services for commercial or small business offices, retail stores, apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels, daycares and schools. These services are available anywhere in the beautiful state of Colorado. We can provide a customized mix of green cleaning products to fit your specialized needs. We also offer Electrostatic Disinfectant services which can greatly help keep your business at the highest level of cleanliness! Contact us today for your free bid at 303-400-4309 or visit the link in bio.⠀
*Other services that may be included in our janitorial packages depending on your specific requests are: ⠀
🧼Cleaning entrances, foyers, reception areas, and hallways.⠀
🧹Floor VCT strip and wax.⠀
🧼Cleaning stairs and elevators.⠀
🧹Vacuuming carpets and mopping wood, tile, and linoleum floors.⠀
🧼Dusting furniture, electronic equipment, door frames, blinds, mirrors and picture frames.⠀
🧹Cleaning heating and air conditioning vents.⠀
🧼Sanitizing telephones, doorknobs and handrails.⠀
🧹Cleaning baseboards and light fixtures.⠀
🧼Washing windows.⠀
🧹Removing trash.⠀
🧼Cleaning kitchens-including sinks, countertops, microwaves and refrigerators.⠀
🧹Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms
We don't know about you but clips get a lot of use in our house, from bag clips to hang drying our clothes and everything in between these little guys come in handy! ⠀
However plastic clips  can be problematic - they break easy and contribute to plastic waste. Make the switch to wooden or stainless steel clips and you can cut down on your contribution to plastic waste build up and have a product that you can use forever. We like the traditional "clothes hanger clips" but also love the stainless steel ones offered on @the.eco.warrior - check them out - their store is beautifully curated for all your Eco Warrior needs!⠀