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High Dusting

Our sister company, pūr matter, provides a unique and non-invasive high dusting service for your residential or commercial space.  Our customized service is ideal for all high-ceiling features in your restaurant, gas station, gym, office building foyer, warehouse, retail space, industrial modern office, apartment common space, school or hotel.  We provide this service to you anywhere west of the Mississippi River and during hours that meet your schedule.  Contact us at pūr matter, or call our local number 720.696.3600 or toll free number 800.660.3629 for your free bid!

  • Ability to Reach 40′ Beams, Ledges, Lights and I-Beams
  • Heavy Equipment is Not Used
  • Movement of Furniture is Not Required
  • No Dust is Airborne
  • HEPA Air Purification Technology